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Spring clean

29 September 2010

              Because I am moving house a the moment I have been going through a big good old fashion Spring clean and it's actually in spring! So I am sorting out all my stuff and throwing away all the nonsense I have collected over the years. It's like a breath of fresh air into my bedroom and my stress levels, because although I try not to admit it too often I kind of enjoy organizing things. So this got me thinking how nice a spring clean would be in my life.
So the things I wanted to clean up are:
  • My body- As I'm sure you all know it can be very easy to neglect your body, especially during winter. So spring cleaning my body involves getting back a regular shaving routine (who doesn't let there legs go a little wild and fussy in winter?), washing and moisturising my face daily because I want to keep my skin lovely when I'm old and taking care of my poor dishwasher hands and nails.
  • My school work- As boring as it is I need to pick up my game because being lazy and getting C's all around the board wont get me anywhere in life.
  • My mind- The plan for this one is instead of keeping everything up in the maze in my head I'm going to write it down. If I'm feeling happy and content or a bit blue or anything else, if something happens or if something makes me mad I'm going to write it down on whatever is closest, be it my laptop, phone or a piece of paper. 
  • My exercise habits- So I'll be first to admit that my exercise habits are very poor (or more non-existent) and I need to do something about that. So during these holidays (2 weeks) I want to go for a walk/jog each day and when school gets back I am going to be walking home everyday which takes me 20 minutes. 
So what sort of things would you spring clean in your life? Do you have a crappy love life? Messy relationships with family or friends? Bad habits you want to kick out? Want to resolve to have more confidence? Well change them then! You are the only person who can. Take charge and take control, live your life.

Maly Xx.


~Abby~ said...

Good luck with all of this Maly! I never exercise! I really should. :/ And I should start writing down things too! We shall work on this together! :)


Gabrielle said...

I totally agree with you! Out with the old and in with the new!

<3 Gabrielle

Gabrielle said...

Whoops forgot to mention i made a new blog and deleted my old one. I didn't mean to put anonymous on that last post! Will you come check it out? http://musiclyricslove.blogspot.com

<3 Gabrielle

ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

Yes Miss Abby Lynn we shall :)

HAHA yeah it's like a spring time New years :P

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