"We have voices and we have the ability to act, and the ability to create change."-Sophia Bush

03 April 2011

People change all the time, but they don't change so much that they are not still themselves because people aren't chameleons. So people grow and change and they become different versions of themselves and when people comment 'you aren't yourself anymore' they just arent the person they recognise they have become a different version. If someone truly knows a person, they will know this or accept this or even change along with them...

"Just surrender and believe."

17 February 2011

I want to thank you because I was fearless.
I want to thank you because I was courageous.
I want to thank you because I was gracious.
I want to thank you because I was positive.
I want to thank me because I was strong.

Being strong and having strength is not about not allowing yourself to feel or to be vulnerable. Strength is all about overcoming. Overcoming the fear, the hatred and all that stands in your way to start again- start a-new. There is no weakness in admitting defeat or needing help. It is perfectly fine to not be okay perfect.

Maly Xx.

22 December 2010

Hi there, I am disappearing to Canada for a month in four days, so I wanted to say Merry Christmas and New Years and I will be back in February to post stuff on here I've had in my drafts for months.
With love, Maly Xx.

Happiness is...

03 December 2010

Spending hours joking and talking with friends.
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