"We have voices and we have the ability to act, and the ability to create change."-Sophia Bush

Making a difference

This page is all about ladies that stick up for what they believe in and try their hardest to make a difference. I will keep adding to this page as time goes on. If you have a look at the links I leave you can see for yourself just how amazing these women are.
Enjoy Maly Xx.

Demi Lovato is a spokesperson for www.teensagainstbullying.org and she dropped in on the America's Next Top Model Bullying episode to share her wisdom. Although she only briefly appeared on the show you could tell she meant every word she said (as you always can with Demi) “They would call me fat, they would call me promiscuous in different words. At the time, when I was 12-years-old, that was like the end of the world.
“To me, bullying is one of my biggest platforms. Let’s change the world.” 
As someone who suffered bullying when she was young Demi knows just how tough it is and what can make a difference in someone's life. To get through the hard times being bullied Demi put all her focus and energy into something she loved (music). She claimed in an interview that her inspiration into teaming up with teens against bullying was her sister Madison De La Garza (and her own experiences of course) who stars in Desperate Housewives. "She's getting to that age where she could start becoming insecure," Demi says. "I want to be able to help other girls around her age come into their own with a strong confidence in their skin, their size, who they are and everything about themselves." She also has a unique way to look at herself being a role model for young girls all around the world. "I'm learning and dealing with experiences that all teenagers go through. The way I want to be a role model is not by not making mistakes . . . but by helping people overcome things from the obstacles that I've overcome. That's how I want to use my voice and that's how I want to be a role model." 

Words and phrases like ‘passionate’, ‘activist’, ‘charitable’, and ‘make a difference’ often come into conversation while talking about One Tree Hill star Sophia Bush. This is because Sophia has such a strong grasp on the way she feels about so many things like the BP oil spill in the Golf, staying true to yourself and being proud to stand up and say I am smart and I don't need to parade around barely dressed for someone to like me, saving the universe from global warming and generally doing all she can to make a difference.
There are a lot of amazing things I could tell you about Sophia Bush from the way she insisted on bringing a real 2nd dimension to her character Brooke Davis to the way is incredibly savvy and smart, insisting on knowing every detail about the BP oil spill and doing what she can to help stop it but I would be writing about her for weeks! Instead if you want to know more read this article which will tell you all about the amazing star.

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