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Steping stones...

07 October 2010

These are my stepping stones to confidence. Wanna know the good thing about them? You don't have to conquer them all at once!

  • Ditch the negativity! Trust me I know this one is the hardest of the lot, that's why it's the first one on the list. By no means am I perfect at this one, I am constantly finding my mind wondering to unpleasant negative thoughts about my body, my life anything and everything. What I do to stop these negative thoughts is to tell myself to stop, find something to be thankful about and something that I like about me. Slowly over time it becomes easier to find the good things and block out the negative thoughts.

  • Surround yourself with wonderful and supportive people! Don't put up with people who make you feel bad about yourself. Find someone new that will treat you great. Supportive friends are the best kind.
  • Wear clothes that you're comfortable in and make you feel good! Don't go following the latest trends if they don't suit you and end up making you feel rotten about your body. Make your own rules, the world loves unique people!
  • Focus on something that means a lot to you! Whether you are a passionate writer, musician, sportsperson, whatever focus on that and gain confidence in that. You may be surprised what a difference it makes.
  • Take a risk! Talk to someone new, jump out a plane (obviously the safe way!) ask that cute boy out and challenge yourself. Keep yourself and others on their toes, everyone hates being in a rut! 
  • Accept that you are you and you have what you have! You can't change that your left leg is longer than your right or you laugh too loudly or you make silly jokes so instead of hating all your little quirks (They are not faults!) learn to accept that they are special to you and learn to love them.
  • Look after your mental health! Do something that will bring down your stress levels like a having really hot bubble bath, reading a book, meditating, sleeping, exercising or anything that works for you. Talk to someone if your feeling blue or listen to some comforting music, maybe watch a favorite movie. Remember it's important to take care of yourself!

  • Remember that unique is a compliment! Because after all we all know how boring the world would be if we were all the same! Have fun with life, you only have one go at it! (that you'll remember at least...)


~Abby~ said...

:) What a great post Maly.! Now you must follow these rules too!


bBreezy360 said...

hey! I found your blog via Abby (she's the best) and you wouldnt believe how this post touched me!!


and I will be returning!

Shannon said...

Thank You! I love the last picture by the way. I'm gonna print this out and look at it whenever I'm feeling blue.


ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

No thank you! :D You guys have no idea how much that means!
MAly Xx.

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