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The simplest of intentions...

27 September 2010

I think there's a universal feeling among bloggers. That once a blogger has revealed that feeling, thats when they truly are a blogger. I think that is a feeling of importance within writing our words for the world to see. That getting our words out there in the universe is a way of making ourselves matter, making ourselves mean something. We want to feel like the things we do, the things we write make a difference. Maybe not even in the world as a whole but just simply in someone's or our own world. Simply a life inspired. Everybody wants to be remembered. Some people find it easily; naturally, for others though there can be a struggle. And like any other this struggle is hard, exhausting and oh-so time consuming. Struggles to have the best, to be on top happen everyday to anyone, to everyone. Everybody's struggling to find their own way to be remembered. Everyone wants a place that's their own. Everyone wants to feel untouchable. Thats why; I think, I want this blog to happen. I want it to be everything I'm imagining for you mostly but also a little for me. This is my place, my importance and my way of being remembered.

Hi guys, thanks for coming by! I am really, really excited about this blog and I hope you will all adore it. Keep checking back throughout the week because I have a lot of posts planned but I want to keep it to just this first post for a few days so everyone gets a chance to read it. So over to the right you will find my little 'Girls Corner' I set up. I will keep it updated with lots of fun little bits and pieces for you all.

I would love it if you followed this blog, left me comments, did the polls on the side and gave me feedback.
Maly Xx.


~Abby~ said...

Woohoo I've been waiting for this blog forever!
Yes it is a feeling all of us bloggers feel once we've been doing it for a while.
I hope this blog turns out to be everything you want it to! It's such a great idea!
I can't wait to see what you have planned next. =)


Emily said...

Omg, this blog .. wow.
i love it.
your amazing.
- e

Hannah said...

Lovely post. =) I love the layout of this.

ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

Wow thanks so, SO much Emily!
Thanks Hannah.
Abs you are the first ever comment be proud!! NExt post is already scheduled for tomorrow ;)

Talia said...

What a lovely blog, I'm definitely following. I love the whole look and meaning of it. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us followers =) Lots of endless love<3

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